Thursday, July 14, 2005

Beyond Plasma and LCD TV

Revolution of TV screen:
CRT to LCDs to Plasma to OLED / SED / DLP

Advantage of LCDs over plasma

  • Picture quality is similar to plasmas;
  • LCDs are immune to the burn-in that can affect plasma displays. This burn-in occurs when plasma units are used to display static images such as video game screens and stock or sports tickers.

Advantage of plasma over LCDs

  • Plasmas generally have an edge in the ability to produce deeper blacks and more saturated colors than LCDs.
  • Plasmas are also better at producing full motion video than LCDs because of the response time of the LCD panels, although this difference is disappearing.
  • LCD TVs are a bit more expensive than plasmas at 42" and larger sizes,
  • Plasma displays should last 20,000 – 25,000 hours and LCDs should give 30,000+ hours of useful life. However, the latest generation of plasma displays from NEC is claimed to have a 60,000 hour life.

Beyond plasma:

OLED, for Organic Light Emitting Diode

  • Developed by Kodak and Pioneer, this technology has been used for a few years in car stereo and cell phone displays. It's just about ready for prime time. Philips has shown a 13">
  • emits it’s own light, so it requires no backlight and has better contrast than a traditional LCD
  • have a wide viewing angle like a plasma display
  • Power usage is very low, less than 1/2 that of a traditional LCD display. At around 2mm deep, OLEDs are much thinner than either a plasma or LCD.
  • have fewer parts than LCD or plasma and can be manufactured using a novel ink jet printing process. This promises to keep prices low as the technology is implemented.

    SED (Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display)
    • under development by Toshiba and Canon Inc. since the 1990s, is a combination of CRT (cathode ray tube) and LCD (liquid crystal display) technologies.
    • basic construction is two glass plates separated by a vacuum. One of the plates is coated with phosphors the other is mounted with electron emitters. Electrons are ejected when a voltage of about 16 to 18 V is applied to the emitters. These electrons are then accelerated by a higher voltage into a beam similar to that in a CRT display
    • SED display is only an inch or two thick, depending upon screen size.
    • produce pictures that are as bright as CRT pictures and they don't have the slight time delay sometimes seen with LCDs and PDPs (plasma display panels),
    • use up to one-third less power than PDP panels of the same size
    • A unit shown by Toshiba at a Japanese trade show in April of 2005 even had it’s contrast ratio up to an incredible 100,000 to 1 by significantly reducing black luminance. Even if the specs were a bit inflated this would still amount to a fantastic contrast ratio, on the order of 5 times that of a traditional CRT

    DLP (Digital Light Projetion) - (add in after Letti comment...Thanks )

    DLP vs LCD
    • common complaint of LCD technology is the "Screen Door Effect" which causes the image to appear pixilated. DLP technology has a competitive advantage over LCD in reduced pixilation, because the pixels are much closer together and produce a cleaner image.
    • LCD units typically have better color saturation than DLP
    • LCD units can develop irreparable pixels, which can leave small blank spots on your screen
    • DLP units can produce a higher contrast video with deeper black levels than an LCD
    • LCD units tends to produce a sharper image, but with the "Screen Door Effect" this may cause noticeable problems
    • DLP units are usually lighter in weight, because there are less internal components
    • It is commonly thought that DLP's will last longer, but their most problematic issue is a bad lamp, which could cost up to 400 dollars to fix. Most manufacturers will warranty their lamps for a set period of time, but outside of the warranty it is the consumers responsibility. While lamp issues may arise the beautiful thing about a DLP is that it functions by light and mirrors, so the image quality will not degrade over time.

    Source: ComputerWorld , Ezine , HDTVexpert , TV Authority


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